Pension plans, much like 401k plans, are designed to help employees fund their retirements. Employers may require employees to fund a portion of the pension plan, 但, 不像401k计划, pensions are largely funded by employer contri但ions. It also doesn’t typically offer the same range of investment choices that 401k plans offer.

Pension plans do have some strong benefits to consider though, 和 appeal to a large group of employees who are interested in building bigger nest eggs for retirement.

What Types of 养老金计划 are Available?

There are essentially two different types of pension plans. The company can choose the pension plan they feel will represent the needs of the business best. The funds are then contri但ed into a general pool that is then invested. The retirement pool is a result of the returns on that investment.

固定收益计划. This plan guarantees employees a certain monthly income after retirement. This income varies greatly based on the length of time the employee worked for the organization, 员工工资, 还有其他因素. This guarantee is honored regardless of the performance of the investment pool.

Defined-Contri但ion PlanIn this type of pension plan, employers make previously defined contri但ions on behalf of employees. The future value of these contri但ions are solely dependent upon the performance of the investment.

Whether or not your pension plan is insured will depend on the type of pension plan you have. That’s why it is a good idea to discuss your pension plan questions 和 担忧 with one of our highly qualified Phoenix Insurance Group representatives in order to learn what this type of retirement plan can mean for your business 和 its financial future as well as for the employees your business serves.

Benefits of 养老金计划

From an employee’s perspective, it’s difficult to beat the retirement benefits a pension plan offers. Rather than a 401k plan that offers a specific amount of money at retirement that you must live on for however long you have left, pensions offer a lifetime benefit that’s often a defined amount of monthly income.

With people living longer than ever before, we’re finding that some people are, 事实上, outliving their retirement savings, which they had previously believed to be sizable nest eggs. The monthly income allotted through a pension plan though, can ensure that there will be a set amount of money coming in from month to month so retirees can budget their lives without 担忧 over the well going dry.

Which Plan is Better for Employers?

Employers have many decisions to face today when it comes to offering benefits to employees. This is doubly true when it comes to benefits that have such a powerful impact on the retirement incomes of loyal long-time employees. The right retirement plan can help businesses not only encourage employee loyalty, 但 also effectively reduce turnover rates for employees too.

Whether you’re looking to offer the promise of lifelong income to your employees, or simply want to maximize performance potential, pension plans are a great choice. Because employees depend on the income from pension plans, it is important that the pension plan itself is insured to be protected from anything that may happen to the business provided the plan.

不要让推荐十大正规网赌信誉的平台, 担忧, or doubts prevent you from considering this highly beneficial retirement planning option. 十大正规信誉的平台 Phoenix Insurance Group at 908-879-6500 to get all the answers you need 和 make an informed decision about the potential role of pension plans as a vital part of your benefits package, 和 to be sure that your pension plan is properly protected.